[thelist] Amazon S3 secure video tutorial

jft jft at worrigee.net
Sun Oct 4 19:20:19 CDT 2009

Thanks very much for publishing such a carefully prepared & detailed set of instructions.
They are eminently readable & clearly annotated - well done!
I don't need it yet - but will definitely do so in the future.
Your graciousness in making this available to us all is gratefully appreciated - and its a huge saving in time as well!
Kind regards,
John Townsend : jft at worrigee.net

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>  From: Joel Canfield <joel at bizba6.com>
>  Subject: [thelist] Amazon S3 secure video tutorial
>  Sent: 05 Oct '09 09:22
>  Now that I've conquered Amazon S3's Query String Auth and successfully
>  securely streamed video from my S3 account, I wanted to see if I could spare
>  someone else the juggling of flaming chainsaws I went through to get here.
>  I wrote up a moderately annotated tutorial here:
>  <>I'm interested in any
>  feedback, whether it's my superficial understanding of PHP, my
>  nearly nonexistent understanding of encryption, my writing style or just my
>  twisted sense of humour, I'm interested in what works, what's broken, and
>  what totally cheeses you off.
>  ...
>  joel
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>  Joel at Bizba6.com
>  http://BizBa6.com/
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