[thelist] Subversion: How to "delete" old, already deleted files

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Mon Oct 5 02:19:01 CDT 2009

Hi there,

I am not very fluent in subversion. I just use it for backing up in a  
versioned manner my code. And because I do the backup ("commit") only  
from time to time, I have a couple of files which I've deleted or  
placed somewhere else which show off in the subversion list as "D"  

D      htdocs/mod_table/extremes_table.tpl
D      htdocs/mod_table/table.tpl
D      htdocs/mod_table/table_profile.tpl

I've looked through the doc, but can't find anything. I remember  
vaguely that one way to solve this is to create the files again, and  
then delete them from the repository. But is there any other way?

Thanks for any tips,



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