[thelist] file type and space analysis on my web server?

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
Mon Oct 5 10:16:15 CDT 2009

You can do this in most FTP programs, I use WS_FTP, I actually bit the
bullet and paid for the pro version.

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I'm looking for a tool to scan my web server and report on the files there.
I'd like to clean up some space; I know there are loads of files there that
don't need to be, but short of popping into every directory and
subdirectory, I can't think of a way to see what's taking the most space.
I'd love to list all the files in my hosted space in descending size order
so I can make the biggest kills first.
I can't come up with a Google search that finds ought but *log* file
analysis, which is not what I want.

It's Windows shared hosting.

Any suggestions?

Joel at Bizba6.com

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