[thelist] file type and space analysis on my web server?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Oct 5 13:04:41 CDT 2009

Joel Canfield wrote:
>     This is reasonably easy on UNIX/Linux to write a shell script. :)
> um, yeah; two minutes ago I realized all I have to do is write some 
> vbscript to traverse the entire structure writing folder, filename, 
> file size into a text file, then sort and play.
> d'oh.
> I've trained myself to *look* for tools instead of always building 
> them. backfired this time.
> thanks
> joel
No that does not backfire.  Amongst other things, someone lurking on 
this list learned from the post as well.  Research/awareness is a 
significant part of what we do.  The biggest problem we commonly 
encounter is falling back into our little cubby, our safe haven for what 
we know, yet forgetting that someone else probably did it long before we 
ever even thought of it.  Much of what I thought I had to do with my 
preferred CMS 3 years ago - now can be accomplished much more 
efficiently by identifying the right "key phrases" and posting a message 
or doing a search.  Key phrases is the key.

Bob Meetin

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