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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Oct 5 18:13:55 CDT 2009

I've encountered the experience of unlocking domains in the past so that 
the domain could be transferred to another domain registrar but it is 
not clear whether this is related to the domain or simply, the hosting.

In this case the admin contact, the business owner, called CBeyond in 
advance regarding this site and asked how to get hosting moved.  They 
told him no problem, all that was needed was the new nameservers.  Given 
that info I placed the call to them Friday late aft and they initiated 
the change.  Perhaps wrongly, I assumed they had adequate registrar 
access to make the change.  A couple hours later the website 
disappeared.  I called back, they said I was impatient. 

This afternoon after a few more calls from my client I called CBeyond 
and the tech does a whois lookup and says it's locked and that's why.  I 
think he said that did nothing to create the problem.  The tech didn't 
identify with the cause/effect rationale. At that point I told him to 
revert the hosting. 

What am I on the trail of here?

Sales @ Lycosa wrote:
> Certain gTLD domains have a registry lock (.com, .net, etc), which prevents
> unauthorised transfer, and is not related to the DNS at all. The admin
> contact will have control over this lock. It needs to be unlocked to allow
> transfer of the domain to another domain registrar. Some gTLD's do not have
> registry locks (*.uk).
> The DNS can be changed without unlocking the domain, so if need be, your
> customer can continue to keep the domain with their current registrar, but
> point the domain to a different server.
> If you definitely need to transfer the domain, your customer will need to
> unlock the domain, or ask their domain registrar to do this. Then you
> initiate a domain transfer in the usual way.
> Phil

Bob Meetin

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