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Don't have a specific view to put across but you may find the following
links useful:



I needed a lightweight token based template system for some work we did
and based it on this.  Part two of the article adds caching capability
to the template parser.

I vaguely remember looking at something called Serendipity at the time
of deciding which route to follow.  If memory serves, it was a
reasonably hefty solution but not quite as big as Smarty so that may
also be worth a look.


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An earlier post, which mentioned Komodo triggered this post.

I've been using Dreamweaver for some time to build sites, mainly for its
HTML templating features. I'm increasingly building more complex sites
PHP and Ajax, and Dreamweaver doesn't really cut the mustard anymore. As
replacement IDEs I'm looking at either Aptana, and Komodo. 

Komodo seems to do everything (and more) that I currently want, one of
is the support of SMARTY, which I'm maybe considering to use for
I've searched thelist archives and there some quite old posts about PHP
Templating, some of which consider SMARTY to be overkill in many

I'm not farming out the look and feel design to anyone else other than
myself, so what I'm looking for is a lightweight, easy to use approach.
Should I be using a more minimalist approach such as Brian Lozier
[1]? I could use a CMS such as Drupal but for many small sites where I
want a bit of database functionality that would probably be overkill.

I'd be grateful for your current views on the best way to do PHP

[1] http://www.massassi.com/php/articles/template_engines/



Simon MacDonald
simonmacdonald at uk2.net


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