[thelist] Amazon S3 secure video tutorial

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Tue Oct 6 17:05:33 CDT 2009

On 4 Oct 2009 at 16:22, Joel Canfield wrote:
> I wrote up a moderately annotated tutorial here:

boy, joel, this would make a swell article for the evolt.org web-o-
tron site, doncha think? i may not need it today, but in the far 
flung future of the interwebs (Thursday or March) i could be in 
sudden and dire need of such knowledge and trawling the archives 
ain't my idea of panic-stricken last minute fun... but if you put it 
on the evolt.org web-o-tron pages, i can find it later with a simple 
easy grandparent-friendly search...

i'm just sayin'...

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