[thelist] how high constitutes troublesome load average.

Robert Lee rob at rob-n-steph.net
Thu Oct 8 15:29:40 CDT 2009

It depends upon the number of CPU cores on the machine. 

For the 15 minute average (the far right number), you don't want to see much
more than .7 for each core on the machine, and anything above 1 per core is
reason for concern. 
For a Dual Quad Core machine (8 CPU's) you'd probably like to see it stay
below 6, but lower would be nicer. Of course this doesn't help much if you
don't know how many processor(s) the shared hosting box has.


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I have a couple sites on a shared hosting server which commonly runs a 
little slow in my opinion and if I check I see what I think is high load 
average, but which is probably somewhat relative.  With data driven 
sites (CMS) I tend to think performance is more critical than with 
static, HTML sites.  But anyway, how high is unreasonal?

06:55:01 up 51 days, 9:15, 2 users, load average: 2.50, 3.33, 4.18
08:05:02 up 51 days, 10:25, 2 users, load average: 10.13, 10.50, 8.81
08:30:02 up 51 days, 10:50, 1 user, load average: 19.05, 12.61, 9.62
11:32:01 up 51 days, 13:52, 2 users, load average: 35.37, 26.39, 17.53



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