[thelist] Offlist - whois and locked - resolved

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Oct 8 18:09:50 CDT 2009

For those who would like to know, perhaps learn from the experience...

There were some assumptions made based upon mis-communications by the 
CBeyond tech staff. Not knowing better, you take an orange for an orange.

When asked who managed the domain several months back the business owner 
told me CBeyond. I bought this. Why? Some years back I had some sites 
hosted by a company called digitalinet - part of their package included 
registering a domain for free if you paid for one year hosting.  The 
assumption here is that if they have access to register the domain I 
assume they have like access to manage it, including nameservers. This 
led me to believe that CBeyond had the power, the interface. BTW - I 
would never do that again; it was a nightmare getting the domain out of 
digitalinet's clutches.

But anyway - Wrong - and the CB technicians didn't even know this. When 
after speaking with the last tech who said that it was locked (however 
irrelevant here) I did the whois lookup and saw that enom.com was the 
registrar.  After asking the business owner about this, the gerbils 
turned and he recalled something about them, perhaps 10 years back. He 
called them, was able to get his username/password, then got it to me 
and I logged in and made the nameserver changes.

Within about 4 hours it had updated to my neck of the woods. Why CBeyond 
couldn't get things they did to revert overnight to get the old hosting 
working just as it had broken overnight escapes me.

In my inbox I have a customer feedback form from CBeyond :)


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