[thelist] Sending Bulk Email

Joel Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Tue Oct 13 15:37:01 CDT 2009

> OK, this makes sense. No, they didn't give consent. He just paid some
> guy in India $10 to scrape them by hand.
> In the US, last I checked, sending email to a purchased list could net you
up to $10,000 in fines.

But if I use a service like Constant Contact, they also don't allow
> this type of spam I think. I recall hearing once that if CC gets a
> spam report on an email you send, they fine you $50.
> dunno about the fines, but they'll shut down the account, and whoever's
name it's in will never get a CC account again.

> But perhaps if there's an unsubscribe link then it's not spam? I am
> now learning more about spam. :)

spam is really called *unsolicited* commercial email. 'unsolicited' means
"we didn't ask to receive it." having my name on some list a guy scraped
from who knows where is not permission to email me.

unless these recipients asked, explicitly, or by already being a customer,
for this email, IT IS SPAM and no amount of verbal gyrations will change

> I think the recipients are probably a friendly type of crowd, but one
> never knows--some might well smell that it's spam, especially if
> they're an IT person in the company.
> I'm pretty friendly. Excessively so, in most cases.

Spam me, and you're pretty much shut off permanently. I don't have a lot of
time and if someone wastes it for their own selfish benefit, they're on my
bad side, hard.

Read Seth Godin's "Permission Marketing" or Joel D Canfield's [1] "The
Commonsense Entrepreneur" and learn how this is fundamentally wrong
marketing, buying a list and sending an email. Learn about growing lists
organically, through relationship building, and you'll be able to advise
your clients about such—and get paid to do so.


[1] um, yeah, that's me.

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