[thelist] Sending Bulk Email

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 17:25:09 CDT 2009

> There could be other ways for him to achieve what he wants. Using your
> analogy, perhaps he can work through Acme, Inc to have an ad for his
> T-shirts placed in their staff newsletter, or on a noticeboard in the
> staff break room. Or he could work with the picnic organizers and get
> the information out that way, e.g. on the booking form. Or, if he
> already has a satisfied customer (John) in Acme, why not give him some
> discount vouchers / a free T-shirt / some other incentive in exchange
> for referring some colleagues?

Excellent. I had thought vaguely about this, but your brainstorming
put me in the right direction--what we must do is brainstorm more
about advertising ideas like this and show the client that we can
reach people in a totally acceptable way. This is a great approach I

> If his business idea can only work if he spams people, by today's
> standards it's a bad business idea.

Well said. :)


PS: We are now offering a $2 discount off company T-shirts for
everyone who refers someone to us. LOL.

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