[thelist] Video sizing - anyone have any tips on shrinking/compressing video?

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at mch.govt.nz
Thu Oct 15 16:28:23 CDT 2009

That being said, more and more browsers* are moving to full page zooming
rather than text scaling, so things like text and video size will (over
time) hopefully become less and less of an impediment (assuming users
are able to set persistent zoom settings).

* Safari 3+, Firefox 3+, IE 7+, Opera 8+(?),  

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On 2009/10/15 09:44 (GMT-0700) Gersten, John composed:

> we have lots of visitors ... who
> are elderly with at-present very limited bandwidth on much older
> all of whom seem to enjoy and benefit from our short, small-screen
> informational videos without complaint.

Don't confuse "retired people" with the elderly. Not all elderly can
to be retired. The ones who can actually afford retirement typically are
using their ample enough resources to be using newer, aka higher
computers, and broadband, while those who can't afford to be retired are
using POTS and older computers, or no computers. Just because the
retired can
afford newer computers doesn't mean they can have the vision they had as
teenagers, much less elderly who can't afford either.

Many of those who don't complain don't because they left after finding
inaccessible (tiny) content, and/or feel like to complain is futile.
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