[thelist] Defer CSS to user agent styles using Javascript?

Barney Carroll barney at clickwork.net
Mon Oct 19 05:08:56 CDT 2009

Hello list,

Does anyone know of a way to define ultra-meak CSS rules? I am looking to
define presentational properties for HTML5 elements that should defer to
existing values if any are available. What I'm really looking for is
negative specificity, or a weakness value, for my selectors (which might not
be such a bad idea for CSS as a whole)…

I'm fairly certain there's no way of doing this with pure CSS — I imagine
there might be some Javascript method, though; I initially thought of
something *like *

var newEl = document.createElement('newelement')
if(newEl.style.display && newEl.style.display != ''){
meakStyles += 'newEl {display:block;}\r\n'

This method doesn't work because element.style.property only returns
author-defined values.

Any ideas?

Barney Carroll

barney.carroll at gmail.com
07594 506 381

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