[thelist] A question of semantics and tags

Steve Axthelm steveax at pobox.com
Wed Oct 21 15:44:55 CDT 2009

On 2009-10-20 Paul Bennett wrote:

>You can / should only have one h1 per page (as per the (X)HTML spec and
>better for SEO)

There's nothing in the HTML 4 (or XHTML) specs that specify that 
only one h1 tag per page is allowed.


Validates just fine as any of the html flavors, including the stricts.

Personally I think it makes more sense to have just one, and 
usually author that way, but then I like outlines. One can 
certainly make a reasonable argument for more than one h1 on a 
page, and given the mashup nature of today's web, it's not uncommon.

The html5 sectioning and headings have been modified to be more 
flexible in this regard:


And I think will be much more useful.

As for SEO, I'd really doubt that any of the search engines 
would penalize multiple h1's, but then I don't follow the weekly 
google dance music.



Steve Axthelm
steveax at pobox.com

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