[thelist] A question of semantics and tags

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Oct 22 01:23:38 CDT 2009

On 22 Oct 2009, at 03:13, Julian Rickards wrote:

> This purpose should be encapsulated in the H1 and therefore, since  
> there
> can't be two or more purposes for a page, there can be only one H1.  
> If you
> can think of more than one purpose for the page, either you have too  
> much
> conflicting information on the page or you haven't properly  
> summarized the
> content of the page.

Yep, that's about right

> However, if you are providing both a staff
> directory and driving directions to the company, then the H1 should
> encapsulate these and H2s should be used to split them.

Better example: your page provides location info for the company, you  
might structure it as:

<h1>How to find us</h1>
	<h2>Driving Directions</h2>
	<h2>Directions by Public Transport</h2>


<h1>How to find us</h1>
	<h2>How to reach us
		<h3>Driving Directions</h3>
		<h3>Directions by Public Transport</h3>

Each of those sections/subsections could conceivably be its own page,  
but by putting them together on one, you organise hierarchically.

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