[thelist] Multiple Domain Names

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 10:19:51 CDT 2009

>From what I've read, having multiple domain names pointing to the same
site is actually *bad* for SEO.

But I have a client who has a site, let's say something like
bigdolls.com. All URLs in this email are made up, even if they exist.
That's his main site. He also owns 20 other domains like


etc. He has one of these now setup as a separate site called
detroitbigdolls.com with one page with a basically just a big link to
bigdolls.com. According to his stats, he gets over 20 visits a day to
bigdolls.com as referrals from that site. He wants me now to make
another 20 of these, one for each domain name. I think this will also
be bad for SEO, no? I imagine that Google et all will probably
determine that these are "bad" incoming links. I'm not sure about

I suggested perhaps just point all 20 domains to the
detroitbigdolls.com site and then Google will realize that it's only
one incoming link and it's OK but still if people search for one of
his domain names they will get there and then to his real site.

Any thoughts?

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