[thelist] Multiple Domain Names

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 13:21:58 CDT 2009

> I imagine it could be taken to the point of spamming, but that's not a
> given, is it?

I think it is actually.

> if people know me as joel, spinhead, joel canfield, or joel d canfield, why
> can't all those domain names point the same place, just as all the labels do
> in real life? sure, I could have "nsfw pictures dot com" point to "my
> multilevel marketing scam dot com" and, if I do, I should be punished.
> two very different scenarios. obviously I have no idea how SEO algorithms
> handle this. frankly I don't care; I care how humans handle it, and they
> handle it pretty well, I think.

To see how this affects SEO, check out the first few links here:


That's why I was asking to point all the non-primary domains to a
secondary site--that site can have bad SEO, but at least it will catch
those users who (for whatever reason) are anyway visiting those


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