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Kipper Timmins kipper_timmins at live.co.uk
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Hey there,
I have installed windows 7, however I did it as a clean install. The only
issue I have had is that I got it through a student deal from the Microsoft
website and they never gave me a product key, so I am currently in the
process of making a complain so that I can activate my version.
So the question is, should you do a clean install or not? Personally I have
only ever clean installed. The process is very simple, you boot from dvd and
then it just does it. As soon as it is up it just works. There are some
updates to download however this is fine aswell. The whole process is easy.
It also gives you the option to alter your partition tables should you
choose to allowing you to have other OS's on at the same time. Just so you
know my version is windows pro x64 upgrade.
All the programs that I use have all gone onto windows 7 without a hitch, in
fact they went on easier than any other os I have used.
Finding drivers for printers and stuff actually just happens automatically
which is kinda nice.
Hopefully this answers some of your questions.
Just one thing, before you clean install, or upgrade in place, make sure you
completely backup your system. Including any config settings for email
programs or saved game data, or anything like that. The amount of times I
have lost information just because it was in a weird place is unbelievable.
Good luck and I hope the process goes well,

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I have a 64-bit HP Pavilion (employee perk) that came bundled with 64-bit

Since no Mac owners want to trade with me (kidding... a little...) thinking
about doing the upgrade to Windows 7.

Can anyone who has gone that path (or a similar path) provide some tips for
the wary?

After all... the wise man said "Paranoia is only heightened awareness."

I made magic once.  Now, the sofa is gone.


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