[thelist] XAMPP not working on Vista

Robert Lee rob at rob-n-steph.net
Tue Oct 27 14:57:57 CDT 2009

You can't get to localhost since Apache isn't running. When you try to start
Apache do you get any error messages in the output box below the start

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Hi all,
I installed XAMPP on my new Vista laptop (I requested the XP downgrade, but
didn't seem to get it.)
Anyway, it doesn't work. I can't go to http://localhost, or the ip address, I get that it isn't found.
And I can't start Apache from the XAMPP program window, which actually does
show up on the task bar.
I did read their note about Vista:
Vista Note:
Because of missing or insufficient write permissions in "C:\Program Files",
we recommend to use alternate folder for XAMPP ("C:\xampp" or
And installed it in C:/xampp
My next computer might very well be a MAC, which would shock people who know
me well.

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