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The reason IE screws up is because it interprets elements differently.
Read this article:

I use suggestion 3, conditional comments for all websites that I create now.
You can tweak the CSS for each version of IE, since they all suck in
different ways.

I will be interested to hear why others use UL for menus. I do it because it
is a convenient way to style a group of the same elements without having to
use a separate div for each element.


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Sorry to post here, but have tried sending to the css-discuss list and its
not getting through.

I'm a newbie when it comes to css and positioning.


I have two problems that need looking at if anyone can help.


They both concern the menu bar.


Page is here: http://www.koolfish.com/test/index.html

Css is here: http://www.koolfish.com/test/css/mainstyles.css


1.	In IE there is a gap between the red nav bar div and the gold
donations div which I can not seem to eliminate. 
2.	Is it possible to align the the red menu items to the right in the
red menu bar and if so how do I do that? 


On a side note,

Am I correct in building the menu as a <ul> ?

Should my donations link be in its own <ul> or is that fine just to leave as

Why do you use a list for a menu when it's a menu and not a list?


Thanks in advance.







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