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Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
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I use a great class for file uploads.
It does all the work for you, including renaming the file for securitty and
has an example of how to use it.,

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Hi all,
So I have a form that uploads a file, along with some text fields. PHP
validates the form, and returns the visitor to the form if not all criteria
are met.
The upload form is then empty.

My question is: how do I keep the local path + file name in the <input
type="file" /> input field?

Google points me back in time to 2003:
where it should be provided by js. However, when I test it, it only returns
the original file name (same as $_FILES['userfile']['name'] ).
Actually FF returns the file name "test-file.pdf" only, IE returns
"C:\fakepath\test-file.pdf" whilst the file came from a network share.

Does anyone have a suggestion, or provide a hyperlink to a working example?

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