[thelist] Downloading a Compiled CSV File without timing out

jft jft at worrigee.net
Sun Nov 1 15:18:13 CST 2009

Is it the ISP or PHP setting the timeout?
Have a look at:   http://au2.php.net/set-time-limit
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>  Hi List,
>  Long time no see, must be at least 4 years since I've helped out here.
>  I have a unique situation where I seek your expertise. My hosting company
>  uses a controller that monitors all php activity. If a script seems to be
>  running for more than 30 - 60 seconds it'll will kill the script.
>  The situation is this. The client needs to be able to download a csv version
>  of the database sometimes with a filter applied. At first it was fine
>  because there wasn't that much data, now the same script is taking this long
>  because of having to compile the csv file, hense timing out.
>  Some suggestions offered already:
>  Use the flush route
>  Pros: it works but the output is displayed on the browser
>  Cons: it needs to be a csv file. I suggested that I just spit it out in a
>  table and since they're in IE anyway, just right-click the grid and export
>  to excel. Not gonna fly.
>  Use exec() to call the csv build file and use Ajax to poll if done
>  Pros: Sounds cool. bit beyond my expertise
>  Cons: The query that gets the data can be customized by a filter who's
>  variables are stored in a $_SESSION array. Not sure if the session would
>  survive an exec call.
>  Ideas?
>  Robbie Smith
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