[thelist] Aptana's dropping their PHP plugin

Roberto Gorjão roberto at asenseofdesign.com
Wed Nov 11 17:44:27 CST 2009

I tried to send this before, but it appears that The List was out of 
service for some hours/days...


This is meant for Aptana Studio IDE users, specially those that use and 
love its Aptana PHP plugin:

Aptana is making a strategic choice that is all but strategic for their 
IDE users: they're dropping their PHP plugin. This plugin was what 
attracted me to Aptana Studio in the first place (it has some unique and 
unrivaled features that come very handy for those that build and theme 
websites) and I suspect many other users feel the same. Their new 2.0 
Studio version already tossed out support for Aptana PHP and Aptana is 
recommending instead the use of PDT (from Eclipse), which is pretty 
inneficient in comparison.

This move attracted a fair amount of criticism (expressed already in 174 
comments) but Aptana is saying that "it is best not to make assumptions 
about how the user base as a whole feels based on the comments of a 
vocal subset" (comment 173), therefore implying that the opinions 
expressed on the discussion thread about this issue are not representative.

If you use Aptana Studio and love the unique features of this IDE as I 
do, I would suggest this is the time to say something about it. You'll 
find the discussion thread here: 



P.S.: As I suspect that this might be slightly off-topic, I ask you to 
please not answer to this message but instead to express your opinions 
on the URL indicated above.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the thread has now 204 comments and Aptana released Studio 2.0.2 with the possibility of installing Aptana PHP plugin again onto it.
Nevertheless, this doesn't mean any alteration on their roadmap concerning PHP support as clearly stated on post 194, on that thread, where was announced the new release:

"Again we don't have allocated resource to do any
full-blown testing to ensure no runtime breakage in the
integration, and PHP backward compatibility is not one of the
requirements for future architecture design, but hopefully this
makes it easier for people who want to continue using Aptana PHP on
2.0 at the moment until a better alternative arises."

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