[thelist] To have an SSL Certificate or Not?

Matthew Pulis mpulis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 03:47:02 CST 2009


I am currently setting up a small partnership which is about to promote
local fruit and vegatbles in the country I live. The shopping cart used is
going to be Cubecart with a theme on it.

My question is this:

I decided that we are not going to handle any money transfers. The payment
gateways which I am inclined to use are: Paypal.com and Moneybookers.com.
Therefore both gateways have a high goodwill and no problem with security on
money on both. CubeCart has a company partnership with both gateways.

Do you guess that to give an extra level of security and also a feel that
the site is to be trusted, I should go for an SSL certificate. Therefore if
the client goes to xyz.com he is redirected to https://xyz.com ? I am also
thinking that this should help the clients feel that the site is not a hoax
(well we are going to promote the site heavily on local media - the target
market) and also gives them a feel that all the transactions from start to
end are secure and encrypted. Do you agree?

What about an SSL certificate from Startcom? How did you find the company? I
am thinking of a free certificate to start with - just to show the SSL
details in the URL/I bar. According to Startcom their certificates are
compliant with Win XP SP3 and above. Do you think I should go with them?
This might end up showing as an ungranted certificate in most SP2 or under
Windows users and deal more damage to me.

Any other cheap SSL certficates (except Godaddy? What are your opinions
here) which you suggest and do not rely on SP3 please?

Thanks for all your help


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