[thelist] To have an SSL Certificate or Not?

Conyers, Dwayne dwayne.conyers at hp.com
Tue Dec 1 09:13:35 CST 2009

Barney Carroll wrote:

> Internet shopping is so ubiquitous, and https is never 
> something I check for, except, as Fred says, when I'm 
> handing over sensitive data, at which point I want to 
> know who's getting it and make sure that they are getting 
> it exclusively. Having PayPal and Moneybookers takes all 
> that out of your hands, and you've effectively outsourced 
> your security and trust concerns to them (no bad thing).

While Barney clearly has a point (with regards to services like PayPal), I personally NEVER make purchases from a site that does not have a certificate.  Identity theft is such a great problem and even though I have a credit card that is extremely proactive in that regard, it is still a hassle to deal with even the concern of such a thing.  

As the wise man said, "Paranoia is only heightened awareness."

I made magic once.  Now, the sofa is gone.

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