[thelist] To have an SSL Certificate or Not?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Dec 1 15:44:46 CST 2009

> Your customers no longer need to register with PayPal to buy things from 
> (or donate to) your website.
> For a few years now, you can use either the simple PayPal "buy now" (we 
> use "Donate now" on evolt.org) buttons, or their more advanced API's and 
> your customers do need to have, and do not need to create, a PayPal 
> account to complete the sale, and so they also don't have to do the 
> "associate the credit card" or "link the checking account" steps that 
> used to put people off so badly.  Buyers can just do regular 
> "drive-by-payments" with their credit cards just like on any other 
> shopping cart or merchant account.
David, this is great and yeah I think this illustrates the general 
problem, perception or not.  Unless you as a developer/designer do 
regular work with systems like this you may not be in the know. I've had 
my PayPal account for maybe 4 years, not sure, so I guess then I qualify 
as old-timer and  have the registration process ingrained in memory.  
Then along came the business account and 2 deposits yadda yadda. 

It's not like we routinely zap our historic accounts then test out the 
new process as we're sitting alongside a client.

Just a bit of morph memory time - I celebrated the day I got my paypal 
account linked to ebay business.  The walls crashed when I moved, 
physical addresses.  eBay and the verification process was true horror - 
an hour in a chat session got that fixed - for a week only. This made 
PayPal look like a sweetheart by comparison.

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