[thelist] SEO and Blogs - Internal or External?

steven streight vaspers at inbox.com
Wed Dec 2 13:18:34 CST 2009

It depends. If your client's website is getting great SEO, and traffic is converting to sales, then a blog on same domain is probably a good idea, keeps visitors within the site.

A blog on Blogger is also a good idea, because the you or the client can directly tweak, update, and improve it, bypassing a webmaster who may not react as quickly as you'd like. It's easy to upload photos and videos, change sidebar elements and colors, etc.

Either way, the blog design should try to mimic the main website, at least as far as corporate colors, logo, writing style, attitude, etc.

Unless you want the blog to be a special, unique, thing-in-itself, like targeting a specific age group, demographic, product offering, new branding experiment, integration with similar blogs, or other purpose. For example, if you wanted to showcase sponsored music artists in the blog, you may want the blog to be far more creative looking, hipper, more colorful or edgy.

Remember this though: if you do a blog on Blogger, Google will favor it. That's why I keep my blog there.

I advise against WordPress.

Be sure to link back to the corporate site.

Steven E. Streight 

> Client has an existing website and now wants to set up a blog.  SEO is
> going
> to be important, and he wants to know - should we integrate a blog with
> his
> site on the same server, or should he just set up an account with
> Blogger/WordPress and link to it.  My gut is that the external way is
> fine,
> but I couldn't find any hard facts on whether either way was the best,
> and
> don't want him coming back later and saying "you messed it all up!".
> Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or any links that we could look
> over?
> Thanks!
> Todd
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