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Brian White bwhite at webhostingsolutions.com
Fri Dec 4 12:07:50 CST 2009

>Luther, Ron wrote:
>>Hi Gang,
>><sigh />
>>Yeah, I know, another dang "I need to change hosts - who should I 
>>go with" thread.  Sorry about that.
>>I have extremely lightweight requirements (cuz I has pretty much no 
>>traffic or storage to speak of):
>>	- Must be CHEAP!!!!
>>	- need to manage my email
>>	- would like MySQL
>>	- would like PHP
>>Anything else is kind of a bonus.
>A tangential recommendation would be to consider hosting with the 
>Little Guy with Great Service, if all other aspects are (close to ) 
>patrick sanders
>web sites that fit

This is indeed good advice. There's hundreds, if not thousands, of 
hosting companies out there that will be able to offer what you're 
asking about for less than $10/month (certainly in the "CHEAP" 
category). And when it comes to the big guys, for every "do not ever 
use them!" email you'll get, you'll also get one that says "I've 
never had a problem with them, I think they're great".

Realize that EVERY hosting company in the world occasionally has 
*issues* with their servers, individual accounts, bad employees or 
acts of nature. It's how often do issues happen, and how good is the 
service when you need it that counts most. As long as you're not 
overly concerned about possibly spending another dollar or two per 
month, try to find a great local hosting company (although obviously 
local is not necessary) that's been around at least 4-5 years and is 
known for outstanding customer service plus additional things they 
may be able to bring to the table for you other than "just" hosting.


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