[thelist] Hosting?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Fri Dec 4 14:38:36 CST 2009

Hi Ron,

Luther, Ron wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> Yeah, I know, another dang "I need to change hosts - who should I go with" thread.  Sorry about that.
> I have extremely lightweight requirements (cuz I has pretty much no traffic or storage to speak of):
> 	- Must be CHEAP!!!!
> 	- need to manage my email
> 	- would like MySQL
> 	- would like PHP
> Anything else is kind of a bonus.

Surprised no one has mentioned http://pairlite.com yet...

So allow me:

   - 50 GB of bandwidth per month
   - 2000 MB disk space
   - 5 MySQL databases (on separate dedicated db servers)
   - 50 mailboxes (webmail, imap, pop (does anyone still use pop?))
   - Up 10 domains
   - one free domain registration (1st yr) at pairnic.com
   - ssh, scp, sftp and ftp access
   - perl, php, pugs, parrot, ruby "and more"

9.99/month if you pay quarterly,

8.33 if you prepay a year

And pair's uptime, network, performance and reliability are the best in 
the industry.


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