[thelist] User-friendly issue-capture & tracking

Mike Maughan mike at maughan.co.uk
Fri Dec 4 19:44:35 CST 2009

Hi Joel,

That's a generous offer, and thanks - I would like to take a look.  I'm
assuming I can set it up here on an XP system or on a win2003 server to play

Do you know if there any auto-translate or auto migrate tools from asp to
php out there anywhere?  I'm not expecting perfection but, like Google (tm)
translate, it could get me started.

Regards, Mike

2009/12/5 Joel Canfield <joel at bizba6.com>

> On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 4:40 PM, Mike Maughan <mike at maughan.co.uk> wrote:
> > I'm hoping to identify a user-friendly issue-capture & tracking tool I
> can
> > use to support both our family history project website and my wife's
> > railway
> > club.
> Mike, this is probably outside what you want, but I thought I'd offer it: I
> built a helpdesk tool for the last company I worked for. It was based on
> MSSQL and uses ASP, so it's not the platform you're looking for, but if
> you're up to translating code to PHP and MySQL, I'll give you the whole
> thing. It's very very user friendly (this was rolled out to our entire
> company, and I was dedicated to the 'zero training' concept)
> If you're interested gimme a shout. It's fairly extensive but you could
> probably just munge up the bits you really need. Dunno if that's any better
> than what you'd face implementing bugzilla.
> joel
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