[thelist] Email Newsletters and Stylesheets

Kirk Roberts Design business at kirkrobertsdesign.com
Sat Dec 5 20:49:53 CST 2009

*** sent earlier with an attachment... then realized it might get  
blocked... resending without attachment ***

I've felt the pain recently of learning the email ropes and want to  
jump in this discussion with a few tips.
To be extra safe, here are my gleanings:

Pretend it's 1997.
Use inline styles. Do not link to an external style sheet. Do not use  
a style section.
Use tables for your layout. Do not position anything with CSS. Padding  
and margins are even unreliable. Remember: 1997.
Do not use vertical padding or margins, such as on a <p> tag. Use  
<br>s instead.
Find an online tool to test your campaigns in a variety of email  
readers. I've been using MailChimp's Inbox Inspector (3 tests for $14,  
and I used a LOT in the beginning, not so many now).

Good luck,



Kirk Roberts Design
(423) 753-8121

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