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Mon Dec 7 19:53:44 CST 2009

Functions, "These scalar functions perform operations on and return
information about values, objects, and settings in Microsoft® SQL
Server(tm)." Among these system functions are @@ERROR, @@ROWCOUNT, and

Historically, global variables are identified with the double @ sign, and in
SQL Server 7, the ones above are recognized as functions, but they're still
*system* wide. --Not connection specific.

The full text on @@IDENTITY:
After an INSERT, SELECT INTO, or bulk copy statement completes, @@IDENTITY
contains the last identity value generated by the statement. If the
statement did not affect any tables with identity columns, @@IDENTITY
returns NULL. If multiple rows are inserted, generating multiple identity
values, @@IDENTITY returns the last identity value generated. If the
statement fires one or more triggers that perform inserts that generate
identity values, calling @@IDENTITY immediately after the statement returns
the last identity value generated by the triggers. The @@IDENTITY value does
not revert to a previous setting if the INSERT or SELECT INTO statement or
bulk copy fails, or if the transaction is rolled back.

I've not seen anywhere indicate that it is connection specific....

hope this helps (forgive my tone if it seems a little strong, been a bad

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