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Subject: Process and resource management
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Hi, guys!

Just started my new job at a web shop. I just left my gig at NASA where I
was the sole web developer in our department. I did all the coding,
graphics, layout, and maintenance for our site myself.  Now at this new job,
I'm tasked with streamlining the workflow of a 7-10 person web team. 

Currently, all the project files (html, graphics, multimedia, etc.) are kept
on an NT server and there is no version control and no real cataloging
system in place (guess that's why I'm here...DUH!!). Project resources are
tracked by memory. Several problems I see here are (1) not everyone has the
same caliber of memory (ask my wife about that one), (2) since there is no
version control, there is the problem of multiple versions of the same file
floating around from person to person. My boss tried doing a search on one
of the current project files (a graphic or somthing) and came up with about
seven different versions of it throughout the server. And (3) the version
control should rely heavily on a solid development process. A step-by-step,
A to Z flow that can be applied to any project (with subtle alterations when

For those of you who have worked in web shops with a real web dev team for a
while, my question is this...Is there a preferred process for web
development? What (if any) version control system works best for you? Is
there a good online resource for web development process management?

Alan McCoy

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