[thelist] Email Newsletters and Stylesheets

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Dec 9 10:19:58 CST 2009

Lowest Common Denominator - this is the goal.

Twist this thread just a tad to philosophy.  When you talk newsletter 
with a client what do you set as expectations?

In this instance the person responsible for assembling the newsletter is 
being directed to incorporate numerous images, is adding lots of 
font-specific changes, type, size, copy/paste from some app which is 
bringing in application-specific formatting, etc. 

What I am seeing is that the newsletter WYSIWYG program which works with 
a simple approach is overwhelmed and seems to lose track of how to undo, 
where undo begins/ends.  When I switch to code view I see "apple" 
specific font stuff, strings of <i> or <br> which the editor does not 
even use.  This makes me think it is coming from copy/paste.


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