[thelist] mysql - null - returns results anyway

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Dec 21 14:23:21 CST 2009

My Christmas Wish  - the answer.

- Either NULL or ISNULL is perhaps the clue but I don't remember the 
answer.  I need to be able to returns results even if the vendor such as 
the one with id 21 has no products to link this together.



p3_products.id as pid,
p3_products.name as product_name,
p3_vendors.name as vendor_name,
p3_product_categories.name as category_name,
p3_products.jos_content_id as product_jos_content_id,
p3_vendors.jos_content_id as vendor_jos_content_id,
p3_product_categories.jos_content_id as category_jos_content_id


p3_products, p3_vendors, p3_product_categories


p3_products.category_id = p3_product_categories.id
and p3_products.vendor_id = p3_vendors.id
and p3_vendors.id = '21'

order by vendor_name, product_name asc



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