[thelist] Google Maps in Safari4/MacOSX

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Tue Dec 22 10:29:47 CST 2009

there is a page with a Google Map on it that just will not render in 
Safari 4 on the Mac (Leopard)... it will render on Safari 4 for 
windows as well as other browsers on mac and win (IE, FF, Chrome, 
Opera, a post-it note stuck to my screen)...

the map is embedded using the iframe code that Google provides on 
every map page, and yet it won't draw...

i have done some searching and found nothing definitive...

my examples:

the embedded map doesn't render (safari4/mac)...

this fake page has the iframe edited to fill 100% width, at which 
point the map itself starts its display way to the right (please 
maximise your window to see the effect)...

when embedded using the API it works fine, as you can see...

i suspect it's related to the iframe... the client site is not the 
only one affected, so i don't believe it's keying off any embedded 


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