[thelist] predictive typing for web techs?

Dejan Kozina dejan at kozina.com
Wed Dec 23 07:25:58 CST 2009

Guess what: I use an open source text editor that does almost exactly
what you seek and it's name is ...Notepad++!

You may want to take another look at the configuration: open Settings ->
Preferences -> Backup/Auto-Completion; that's where you enable the thing
(no plugin required) and choose how many characters to type before the
drop-down pops up. It will not filter the suggestions according to the
DTD - it will just blindly suggest a syntax selected according to the
file extension.

You can mess with the suggestion items too, editing the
plugins/APIs/html.xml file (taking care to preserve the alphabetical order).


Barney Carroll wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've been writing a lot of elaborate and varied code recently, and whereas
> Notepad++ is my favourite text editor (I'm on a WinXP machine), I could
> stand to be faster when prototyping HTML, JS, CSS & PHP.
> I used to use NetBeansIDE for PHP, but gave it up because it's unnecessarily
> feature-laden and process-heavy for the kind of work I do these days (I
> don't want an IDE, I tend to write standalone snippets and pages for
> disparate environments) — but one thing I really miss from it is the
> unobtrusive contextual code suggestions — for example when I open a tag '<'
> in HTML, it creates a drop-down of possible tags for that DTD that get
> reduced as I type; likewise for attributes and attribute values (the same
> functionality also went for CSS properties/values, JS
> functions/properties/attributes, even jQuery(!))…
> I don't think such a plugin exists for Notepad++. Does anybody know of a
> relatively bare-bones code editor that comes with or supports such a
> feature, that isn't a back-end, project-based IDE?
> Regards,
> Barney Carroll
> barney.carroll at gmail.com
> 07594 506 381

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