[thelist] paypal password retrieval advice

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Dec 29 22:49:26 CST 2009

This might seem like a substandard question, but anyhow  I have a site 
which has a donation form.  This works, so when you get to paypal you 
can either use the credit card option (left side, the Continue link) or 
sign in with your paypal username. 

Daffy as well.  I checked the logfile today and found a couple folks who 
had attempted to donate but failed so I emailed them asking what went 
wrong.  They were helpful.  In both cases they had problems with using 

The one that is troubling forgot his password, so he couldn't sign in, 
nor could he use the pay by credit card option because since he has a 
username, credit card and email on file, paypal errors out and won't let 
you move forth as it compares what you attempt to use (email address and 
credit card) with what's in the database. i.e It is encouraging you to 
sign in.

So this guy attempted to follow paypal's reset password instructions, 
but got k-o ed. In his words:

"I could not recall my Paypal password and the credit card they had is 
no longer active. One of the questions they ask when you forget your 
password is to give the complete credit card number and since I no 
longer have that card I could not get past that. I even went on Paypal's 
site and they had no answer or way to get around it."

Any ideas?


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