[thelist] Javascript popups

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Wed Jan 6 13:50:56 CST 2010

Hi all

It's been ages since I did anything with Javascript but I had to create a
static popup for a site running Virtuemart in Joomla.  For some reason the
static popup that mootools provides flickers like crazy in all of the
browsers.  I had to get this done pretty quickly so had to use some measures
I'm not too happy with but for the most part it works

Except in IE.  The popup is flickering when the mouse is moved.  I know this
to be to do with the onmouseout() I've applied but I can't get it to stop

I'd be really appreciative if someone could please take a look at
http://mi.cx/19 and maybe offer some advice

The function in question is called chPopup

Thanks in advance


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