[thelist] Javascript popups

Chrome admin at chrome.me.uk
Thu Jan 7 11:48:08 CST 2010

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> On 6 Jan 2010 at 19:50, Chrome wrote:
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> > I'd be really appreciative if someone could please take a look at
> > http://mi.cx/19 and maybe offer some advice
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> what do i have to click to get pop up?
> using IE8, once i moused over the numbered photos, i got plenty of JS
> errors... below are two of them... there were at least a dozen, but
> it was these two over and over...
> Message: 'null' is null or not an object
> Line: 346
> Char: 9
> Code: 0
> URI: http://www.offerssupermarket.com/
> Message: Object required
> Line: 388
> Char: 9
> Code: 0
> URI: http://www.offerssupermarket.com/

This raises even more questions.  I checked again in Opera and Firefox and
it works no problem.  So I checked out the sources for each browser and IE
is actually physically missing a chunk of the source code (incidentally the
missing chunk contains the HTML for popup div).  That's why the object is

Currently, regardless of the flickering issue, can anyone tell me why a
chunk of code would go missing from just one browser?

Also to clarify this was working at 9am GMT and nothing has been changed
since hours before that

Thanks all


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