[thelist] Mouseover map for div

Daniel Kessler danielk at umd.edu
Fri Jan 8 13:22:38 CST 2010

I have a floor plan (see floor plan below) and I'd like to make it so  
that when an office is moused-over, a div shows displaying a pict of  
the office and under that, the person's name and contact information.   
I found something that allows me to do this on a link (see tool tip  
below), but it's not working off of an image.  Do I make my image a  
background image and place divs all over it?  I'd like to try and  
implement an already existing library if possible, if you could  
reference one.  I have jquery already loaded on the page.  Can you  
suggest some pre-existing libraries that I could use?  If not, can you  
suggest an approach?

floor plan

tool tip

thank for any assistance.


Daniel Kessler

University of Maryland College Park
School of Public Health
3302E SPH Building
College Park, MD  20742-2611
Phone: 301-405-2545

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