[thelist] Mouseover map for div

Lise LaTorre llatorre at inmotionmedia.net
Sat Jan 9 13:01:37 CST 2010

I did something similar recently:


I used a combo of image maps and layered sprites. I am only mediocre at 
JS so I'm sure that could have been a lot more elegant but it works. I 
really resisted the idea of using image maps because they are so 'Old 
School' but really, this is what they are for. We really don't need to 
re-invent the wheel just because that wheel has been around for awhile.

Anyway, hope this helps!


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> Subject: [thelist] Mouseover map for div
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> I have a floor plan (see floor plan below) and I'd like to make it so
> that when an office is moused-over, a div shows displaying a pict of
> the office and under that, the person's name and contact information.
> I found something that allows me to do this on a link (see tool tip
> below), but it's not working off of an image.  Do I make my image a
> background image and place divs all over it?  I'd like to try and
> implement an already existing library if possible, if you could
> reference one.  I have jquery already loaded on the page.  Can you
> suggest some pre-existing libraries that I could use?  If not, can you
> suggest an approach?
> floor plan
> http://sph.umd.edu/about/building_renovations/plans/CHF.pdf
> tool tip
> http://www.dhtmlgoodies.com/scripts/tooltip_shadow/tooltip_shadow.html
> thank for any assistance.
> -- Daniel Kessler University of Maryland College Park School of Public 
> Health 3302E SPH Building College Park, MD 20742-2611 Phone: 
> 301-405-2545 http://sph.umd.edu

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