[thelist] general trend with primary buttons on drop down menus

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Jan 22 12:21:51 CST 2010

Will wrote:
> Make the top link work and be a path to all of the other pages for 
> users without JavaScript and/or :hover states (like the iPhone).
Not clear what you're suggesting. 

With how Joomla dropdown menus work, each menu item, i.e. each dropdown 
item, gets a unique menu ID.

Top (always display) menu item (itemid 3)
  - Sub item 1 (itemid 4)
  - Sub item 2 (itemid 5)
  - Sub item 3 (itemid 6)
    -- Sub 3 sub item 1 (itemid 8)
    -- Sub 3 sub item 2 (itemid 9)
  - Sub item 4 (itemid 7)

1) Generally speaking, do people know to select the top button if there 
is a drop down menu?
2) Best practice for SEO?

*) If I had enabled search engine friendly URLs I could possibly give 
both menu items the same name, thus eliminating the SEO question, but 
this is after the fact.


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