[thelist] Proper mysql datastructure for a fulltext search…

Trav rabbit_fufu at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 25 03:51:17 CST 2010

Hoping someone can provide some mysql advice...
I have 2 tables that look like this:
searchTagsTable    ID    tag
dataTable   ID   title   desc   tagID
So the column "tagID" in "dataTable" is a comma-delimmited string of ids pointing to searchTagsTable.
I'd like to use mysql's built in fulltext search capabilities to search title, description, and tags.
I'm wondering: What is considered the "best" solution in a situation like this?
Should I leave the datastructure as it is? If so, how should I structure the sql to allow fulltext search of all three columns - title, desc and tag?
Or would it be preferable just to get rid of keywordsTable and have the actual tags comma delimmited in a "tags" column in dataTable?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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