[thelist] Proper mysql datastructure for a fullt

r937 rudy at r937.com
Mon Jan 25 12:28:21 CST 2010

travis, there are so many ideas wrapped up in your one simple post, i don't
know where to begin...  ;o)

first, it is apparent that you want multiple tags per title

thus, your table design needs to change, to incorporate a tags-to-titles
table for the many-to-many relationship

as for fulltext searching, you are putting the cart before the horse if you
want tags included, as tags are atomic values, not descriptive text

fulltext search is appropriate only on title and/or descr

luckily, mysql allows fulltext indexes only on individual tables, not joined
tables, so you can't include tags after all

i realize this explanation was brief, let me know if you want any of it

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