[thelist] Cross-OS testing for front-end work

Meshack meshack at hrts.org
Tue Jan 26 14:45:23 CST 2010

As to what OS and what browsers to test, I let Analytics guide me on that.
If I find that 25% a significant number of visitors are on a particular
platform/browser, then I will test for that environment as best I can.
"Significant" is where the subjectivity comes in. What is the threshold of
users on a platform/browser that warrants testing? 5%, 20%? For that matter,
lets not leave cell-phones out of the discussion. Right now about 5% of my
sites visitors are on cell phones. 


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Aside from which browser, what is common practice for testing?

How many use litmusapp, browsercam, Adobe BrowserLab, exc.?
How many maintain their own test machines?
How many rely on friends/customers to point out discrepancies in the  

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