[thelist] Cross-OS testing for front-end work

Will willthemoor at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 16:51:29 CST 2010

We use 4 test machines that anyone in the office can remote into as  
well as two macs and an ubuntu box. The machine are basically  
gradients of browser versions. One has ie7, ff3, opera 9, safari 3.  
Another had the same, minus a version number. The two are mirrored  
except for OS - two have vista, two have xp. They are all horrible old  
machines but they do the trick.

Most of the front end team also has virtual images but these are often  
faster since they only require a login. Remote boxes also mean the qa  
person and back end developers can use them.

On Jan 26, 2010, at 11:56 AM, Frederick Yocum <fdy at mcc.org> wrote:

> Aside from which browser, what is common practice for testing?
> How many use litmusapp, browsercam, Adobe BrowserLab, exc.?
> How many maintain their own test machines?
> How many rely on friends/customers to point out discrepancies in the  
> pages?
> On Jan 26, 2010, at 1:00 PM, thelist-bounces at lists.evolt.org wrote:
>> So from where I stand, it's unnecessary to test
>> front-end work on a Mac if you're already testing on a PC.
>> Is this common practice? Does anyone know of any authoritative  
>> analyses of
>> the issue?
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