[thelist] Cross-OS testing for front-end work

David Laakso david at chelseacreekstudio.com
Tue Jan 26 17:05:15 CST 2010

Will wrote:
> On Jan 26, 2010, at 12:45 PM, "Meshack" <meshack at hrts.org> wrote:
>> For that matter,
>> lets not leave cell-phones out of the discussion. Right now about 5% 
>> of my
>> sites visitors are on cell phones.
>> -Meshack
> This is turning into an issue for us as well. Short of slumming phones 
> from other employees, mobile testing is an issue. For sure, we're 
> seeing a lot more iPhone on most client sites than we're seeing ff2, 
> opera anything or saf 2. How are people testing this stuff?

Mobile device emulators/simulators. But best is live testing (anyway you 
can get it-- friends, relatives, lists...).



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