[thelist] Focus behaviour in browsers

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Tue Feb 9 08:54:36 CST 2010

this is a neat idea and implementation... it's simple and it makes 
sense... and i do prefer how it works in IE (with the click sticking 
the footnote)... sadly, based on experience i suspect you may need to 
rely on script to get that click-stick to work in the other 

this may not be a big deal since you aren't hobbling any features, 
and it still works well with keyboard navigation... you just want to 
extend that to the mouse...

also, appending the anchor to the URL 
(http://barneycarroll.com/#footnote0) doesn't make the footnote load 
as visible for me in IE8...

On 8 Feb 2010 at 17:36, Barney Carroll wrote:
> I've explicitly set bog-simple :focus{display:block} to cover the mechanism
> I'm after, but it doesn't appear to be enough. Is there anything else I
> might try, or will I have to resort to Javascript to get consistent
> behaviour out of this?

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