[thelist] network/performance diagnostic procedures

Robert Lee rob at rob-n-steph.net
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You can also use Pingdom (http://www.pingdom.com/) to get a good sample of
times to your server from external sites.

They have a free account that can check one site every 5 minutes, and even
allows a custom refer header so that you can filter them out of your stats.
You can also set up a sub domain and point the ping to that domain so that
you don't pollute your stats at all.

While it's really an uptime tool, it will give you a good sampling of pings
from all over the world to your server or site.


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What are some of the common things regular human being (not network 
officianatos) can do to troubleshoot download speed issues to identify 
probable source or root cause?

Check PC and local router, reboot if necessary
Ping or check a website on a different route, google or yahoo for example
Ping or check other websites hosted by the same provider
Run a broadband speedtest utility

 From a unix prompt, traceroute?  What would one be looking for?
Anything else from unix prompt?

 From cPanel?
If you have SSH access to log into the server, what network or 
performance checking commands?

-Thx, Bob


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